Customer Stories

AT&T:  Paving the Way

Cartoon image of a person holding a puzzle piece to success

AT&T recently profiled Thomas Grodecki, a representative of their Bankruptcy Team who was diagnosed with glaucoma and had been struggling at his job until he found ZoomText.

Head on over to the blog to watch the video - you’ll see Thomas using ZoomText’s color enhancements to improve the contrast on his screen so he can be effective at his job.  It’s these kinds of stories that we live for - with our products, you can stay connected to the world, increase your productivity and remain employed.  A visual impairment will not stand in your way when you have the right tools!

As AT&T states on their blog, “for any company seeking to be competitive today, accessibility is more than just a legal obligation; it is an economic imperative.” We wish that every company out there held that very attitude.  Kudos to AT&T for making accessibility a priority, and for standing behind their slogan:  “Rethink Possible”.  Read more on the blog!