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Library offers computers for visually-impaired patrons

The Mississauga Library System has introduced new computer workstations for its visually impaired patrons - equipped with ZoomText!

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Assistive technology program helps disabled people advance

The Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program, or CAP, was established in 1990 to provide assistive technology and accommodations (like ZoomText!) at no cost to make sure people with disabilities have equal access and opportunities at the Defense Department.

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Local accessibility features are well-used

The Napanee Library in Ontario offers many assistive technologies at their facility, including ZoomText!  Patron Ed Peters says:  “I would not be able to do anything on a computer without ZoomText. For anyone who is visually impaired or totally blind, it’s the way to go. And with the county having them in places like this and other things that are suitable for visually impaired people, it just makes life so much simpler.”

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Funding helps beat vision impairment

Catherine O’Leary is safe in the knowledge she now has the tools - including ZoomText! - to study effectively despite a vision impairment.  This is all thanks to a bursary from Vision Australia so she can complete her assignments for a diploma in business administration in half the time.

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Grand Chief says low vision help was ‘life changing’

Linda Poolaw, the Grand Chief of the Delaware Grand Council of North America, recently attended a series of free workshops designed to help Native Americans with low vision.  One of the tools she was set up with is ZoomText, which she says has changed her life!

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