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Reading on the Go

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If you’re curious about your options for listening to digital audio books, magazines, and newspapers while on the move, read on.

While anyone can purchase and download audio books and magazines from websites such as or purchase audio books on CD from and rip these to a portable MP3 player, if you’re blind, visually impaired, or physically challenged, there are additional options…

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How Do You Get Your Groceries

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Being visually impaired, most of us don’t drive a car (hopefully). That means getting groceries requires some resourcefulness.  When I first made the decision to stop driving, I lived way up in the boonies on the side of a mountain, 5 miles from the closest country store and about 45 minutes from a real store.  At that time, I experimented with ordering groceries online.  My groceries were FedEx delivered neatly in a box, UHT milk and all, all the way up my steep snow covered driveway.  Though I never ordered again, it was a psychological boon to know that my basic human need, eating, could be met despite my situation.

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In my profession, I am privileged to chat with scores of interesting people. My favorite “genre” of people to chat with is the “octogenarians”. They always have a story to tell. Many of them are World War II veterans and have written stories and books about their lives. I often wish these ZoomText users/writers could all meet each other. I have passed on a few of their books to my father, also a WWII vet, and he always says “that sounds like my life.”

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