ZoomText Keyboard Features

zoomtext keyboard product shot
  • Large-print keycaps that are easy to see, even in low light
  • One-Touch access to essential ZoomText features
  • Fast, accurate typing with less eyestrain and fatigue
  • Perfect for home, school and workplace systems

Easy To See

Large-print keycaps are clear and easy to read. Typing is faster and more accurate – with decreased eyestrain and fatigue.

“One-Touch” Access

With 18 dedicated buttons you can instantly start ZoomText and access its most important features.

Comfortable To Use

Sleek, high quality design allows for comfortable typing and minimizes discomfort caused by long-term keyboard usage.

Choice of Colors

Choose from two high-contrast color schemes: ‘Black on Yellow’ or ‘White on Black’.

Special ZoomText buttons for instant access to…

  • Start ZoomText.
  • Display the ZoomText toolbar.
  • Zoom in and out to any magnification level.
  • Activate color, pointer and cursor enhancements.
  • Launch ZoomText’s Finders to quickly locate and navigate documents, web pages, and email.
  • Toggle ZoomText’s speech on and off and adjust the reading rate.
  • Launch AppReader and DocReader for automatic, hands-free reading.
  • Reassign feature keys to other ZoomText commands or to your favorite Internet and multimedia commands.